Homeowners 25 March 2021

8 Stylish Solutions for Those Awkward Spaces in Your Home

Every home comes with some awkward spaces – small nooks, tight corners, shallow closets- but that doesn’t mean they cannot be functional. We are sharing our top solutions to transform your “dead zones” into your new favourite spot!

1. Bay Windows

Bay windows are a beautiful addition to any room, but often this bonus space goes unused because of its awkward shape. Instead of installing costly-customized pieces, try adding a small desk or couch. The pop-out area creates the perfect space for a home office or reading nook.

2. Above Kitchen Cabinets

No one can have enough kitchen storage, so why not use the unclaimed space above the cabinets. Show off your stylish dishware, plants, or less-attractive pieces in decorative boxes by placing them on top of your cabinets. This trick is a great storage solution if you are running out of cupboard or countertop space!

3. Narrow Landings

 Make the most of your small hallways, entryways, or landings by adding a stylish and functional feature piece. Revamp a cart or side table to fit your space, adding extra storage and flair. Check out these DIY side tables that will fit any style.

4. Under The Stairs

Turn your empty space under your stairs into a reading nook! Add a comfy chair or customized bench to create a hidden reading oasis. Include a bookshelf for easy access to your favourite novels and additional lighting for easy reading. Try this DIY bench for extra storage options!

5. Crammed Spaces

If you are struggling with small, awkward, or limited space in your home, try using the vertical area. Attach floating shelves to display featured pieces or for added storage. Hang mirrors to open up the room and reflect light. Decorate angled walls with your favourite art. And don’t forget about the wall space behind your door – add hooks for jackets, scarves, and other items.

6. Empty Nooks

Whether it is a shallow closet or irregular den, turn this awkward area into a functional home office. Find a desk that fits your space and use the above and sidewalls for storage, calendars, and motivational art. If a home office is not for you, transform the vacant nook into a bar. Add a stylish bar cart or customize the space with cabinets, floating shelves, and a wine fridge to make this your go-to adult hangout spot.

7. Bare Corners

Corners can be very intimidating to style, but it is time to embrace these deserted edges. Place a statement chair to make the area a feature of the room while being functional. Create a photo collage up the corner walls to add a bold touch. Or use a corner bookshelf as a storage solution while keeping the space open. 

8. Remaining Awkward Spaces

I know that every home is created differently, so there are bound to be other awkward spaces that we missed. A turnkey solution for almost any space is to add plants! Plants are a great décor piece as they come in all shapes and sizes and can even hang from walls or ceilings. Plus, studies have shown plants can enhance your mood, reduce stress, and even improve your productivity. If you don’t have a green thumb, consider investing in fake plants – they are guaranteed to last you a lifetime.