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Property Sellers Should We Do Away With Blind Bidding? When it comes to real estate purchasing in Ontario, placing an offer on a property against competing offers means that you don’t know what you’re up against. This is due to the blind bidding process that is the standard in Ontario real estate. With rapid increases in home prices across the province, there needs to […]
Property Sellers Is Your Home Sale Price Really Private? If you haven’t heard by now, your home price and history may be public knowledge. That’s right, the information you thought was private is now being displayed across something called a virtual office website (VOW). While this isn’t new for the majority of the Greater Toronto Area, it’s a new addition to London & St. […]
Property Sellers Selling Your Home Within a Year of Purchasing You bought your home months ago and have decided that it’s already time to make a move. There are many reasons you as a home buyer may choose to move within your first year. Whether you have made good money on your home or life changes have caused you to need a change, there is […]
Property Sellers Why You Shouldn’t Use Form 244 With No Conveyance As a home buyer or seller, you may become familiar with form 244, otherwise known as “Seller’s Direction”. This form specifically references how a Seller would like to review offers on their property. Many Sellers choose to sign this form to wait for a certain date to review all offers and, opt not to see […]
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